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Spirent TestCenter: Is LSP Ping and Trace Route supported?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • MPLS
  • LDP
  • LSP Ping
  • Yes Test Center has the capability to send LSP ping to a destination FEC and Trace route as well.
  • You must enable the LSP-PING technology and activate it and setup the PING parameters under EDIT ECHO Request.
    • If connecting back to back ports to test you must create LSPs under the LDP tab first.
    • Then in the LSP ping parameters Inner label set IPv4 Prefix to the LSP address of the destination LDP device.
      • This places the address inside the payload for the Target FEC Stack
    • There is also a destination address in the parameters that is used to set the IP header destination address.
      • I normally set this the same as the LSP address of the destination LDP device but it could have other uses.
  • Attached is a sample back to back configuration and capture.

Product : LDP,Routing,MPLS