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GSS8000: What does it mean to have to locate the GLONASS carrier breakthrough manually?

  • GSS8000
    • Annual customer calibration (DCS0004A)
  • The technique used in the GSS8000 to create the 'wanted' GLONASS channel frequencies means that the initial 'carrier' frequency is NOT set to be equal to any of the GLONASS channel frequencies
  • But when you run a GLONASS channel the simulator applies the necessary frequency offset to achieve the wanted GLONASS channel frequency
  • In this way it is not possible to run a GLONASS channel, to make it easy to locate the signal, and then expect the 'carrier' to be at the same frequency once the channel is turned off
  • Instead you need to tune the spectrum analyser to the GLONASS L1 or L2 frequencies, provided in the relevant section of DCS0004A,
    • Adjusting the analyser settings until you can distinguish the breakthrough from the surrounding analyser noisefloor.

Product : Calibration,GSS8000