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Abacus: I start a test with A100 using Tcl automation. However, I don't see any activities on the box, although a check on test status returns a "running" status. What has gone wrong?


Customers has performed the following steps before starting a test:

1. Start the abacusautomationserver.exe software

2. Start the tcl client

3. Loading the necessary packages (Itcl, tdom and tclreadyapi)

4. Connected to the Abacus Automation Server using the API ::aba::ApiApplication::Enter

5. Started the test using the API ::aba::ApiTest::Start

6. Checking the test status using the API ::aba::Test::GetStatus

However, he / she is unable to see any activities on the A100 box. (where the LEDs should lit up to indicate the test is running, calls are being made and so on.)


The problem is that user forgets to connect to the Abacus SC.  This is achieved by using the API

::aba::ApiSystemInformation::SetConnection <ip address of the Abacus SC> ""

Product : Abacus,Automation,6.20,6.11 and below