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Abacus: I got a invalid environment error event when I load an environment from another computer. What is going wrong?




There can be  many reasons contributing to this failure.  Below are some of the possible problem areas;:-

1. The environment was created in a different software release: Abacus only supports environment created in the current release AND one release before.  If the environment was created long time ago, there is  a chance that the environment won't be able to be loaded and used.

2. The environment is corrupted: An Abacus environment file is actually a collection of multiple files. If any of these files got corrupted, Abacus will not be able to extract the data to construct a configuration for a test.  Users need to re-create the environment from scratch.

3. The Abacus software / firmware is corrupted: Users may need to perform an Emergency Recovery to get the Abacus System back to its original condition.  If this does not help, users may even need to re-install the Abacus Software in the PC.

Product : Abacus,6.20,6.11 and below