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Wireless CDMA: Data throughput, device throughput is a little lower than expected, how to resolve?


TestDrive II - apply to all the versions



Please check following items:

  1. 1x bi-directional FTP Data Throughput tests are not supported with a Windows XP (Client PC) + Windows 2008 Server (Application Server) combination.
  2. Prior to test, perform TestDrive II calibration. This can be done through TestDrive II GUI, click Execute-Calibration, choose Calibrate All.
  3. During test, check UE receive power and Ior/Ioc via QXDM, ensure receive power and Ior/Ioc are same as required by test. e.g. if test (IOR=-101dBm / IOC=-105dBm), ensure receive power is 101dBm, Ior/Ioc is 4dB.
    If not these two values, maybe system need hardware calibration.
  4. Try a data card. Data card has better data throughput performace than a handset phone. 
  5. Use a shield box, especially when wireless channel condition is bad. e.g. IOR is low, fading and noise is enabled.

Product : TD II SPIRENT Data,Wireless,DATA