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Abacus: Is it possible to obtain additional logs and per channel results in reports?


Abacus 6.00 and Above


There are some options in SETUP and REPORTING that will provide per channel results and additional information on error trending.

By default, reports (FILE -> REPORT GENERATION) include graphs and summary information for most report selections.
There are a couple of things you can do to improve the per channel reporting of results.
Errors vs. Time: This is  a snapshot of the entire test, but if you are correlating results to your network or device logs, you may want to select the Time Format as “Calendar Time”.  If it is a long duration test, you might also want to change the Time Resolution to something more realistic than 10 seconds.
Events: By default, only Event Type is enabled under "Event Descriptions to Show", you might want to select all Event Descriptions and enable both the Real and Elapsed time for reporting.
Channel Selection: By default “Summary over all channels in test” is enabled, you can unselect this and report all measurements for all individual channels.
(Measurements vs. Time is described below, it must be enabled prior to test run)
Measurement Counts:  By default “Graph” is selected for all non-zero measurements, here you might want to select “Table” to get specific information per channel.
Errors vs. Channels: By default “Print Graphs” is selected.  You might want to enable “Print Tables” so that you get specific information on errors per channel.
Measurements vs. Time is processor intensive but if you’re not capacity testing, it should not impact your testing.  It provides a snapshot of all measurements for all channels every "User Configurable #" seconds during the test.
From the Setup menu (FILE->SETUP) on the Report tab, enable “Measurements Vs. Time Report" and configure Time Granularity so that it makes sense.  For a short duration test, 4 seconds is OK.
While you’re in the SETUP window, there are a couple more things you can do to increase the granularity of reported results:
On the TEST tab, select “Get called time for each channel after test" and "Provide enhanced statistics”
If you select all available results to be reported (graph and table per channel) a simple test could result in a report that is hundreds of pages long.  
You may generate reports in .pdf and .html formats so that you have a full .pdf report but can browse results easily using the html report.
Note: If you include full system information in your report, you will have enough information about the test configuration to recreate the test without the original Abacus .env file if necessary.

Product : Abacus,Voice,6.20