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Wireless CDMA SC: C.S0060 test case 2.15.3 fails with "Received Data Burst message on R_FCH.", how to resolve?


TestDrive II - apply to all versions



Sometimes we see TestDrive II prints "Received Data Burst message on R_FCH.":

Failure reason is that device still replies Data Burst message - Validation Response upon receiving Validation Request. Validation Response is an OTA message, thus script declares device doesn't terminate OTA session. As long as device replies Validation Response message at this step, script will FAIL the device.

We can try to change below test case parameter to resolve this issue:


This parameter means how many Validation Request messages script will send during test execution.

e.g. if device terminates OTA session after sending out 6th Validation Response message, then we should configure this test case parameter to 7. Thus whole test procedurfe being that after script sends out 7th Validation Request, the device doesn't reply Validation Response.


Product : TD II SPIRENT SC,Wireless,SC