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Landslide: Is-it possible to discard or not send packet's fragment when segmentation is used in a Data Message Flow (DMF)?

  • Landslide
  • Data Traffic Generation

There is a feature in Landslide called Error injection at the IP layer. Customer can simulate poor connectivity or corrupted packets, and define the number of errors that are introduced and the method used to inject the errors in the traffic stream. Landslide allows delivering packets out-of orders or discard packets at the client side:

In L3-7 tab Customers can activate the injection according to their needs:

In the picture above Customer is able for example to pick randomly 1 of 8 packets, Landslide is going to waits 4 packets more and send the unordered packet. For further information in error injection you can go to Landslide documentation to:

  • Parameter Reference > Common > Error Injection Settings Section

Product : Landslide,Landslide