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Spirent TestCenter: What are the possible reasons why the Spirent TestCenter Chassis is noisy?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • Fan Speed
  • N11U
  • N4U
  • N12U
  • Try running the latest versions if possible, we have seen cases where upgrading the chassis is the solution:
    • There are some fixes to the fan speed in version 4.39. Upgrading the chassis to this version should reduce the noise level.
    • Additional fan speed improvements for the N11U were placed in v4.43 
      • Whereas before it only relied on inlet temp, it now factors in the number of cards present.
        • If more than 6 modules it will run as it does today.
        • If using 3-6 modules it will run quieter for the same ambient temp
        • If using 1-2 modules it will run quieter for the same ambient temp
      • When an FX2-Q5 or MX/FX-P2 card is present it will run at the highest speed (noise) for any given module group above.
  • Make sure the environment's technical specifications requirements are met:
    • Check the Technical Specifications section at the specific Installation instructions datasheet below:
      • DOC10479 - SPT-N11U and SPT-N12U Chassis Installation Instructions
      • DOC11449 - PX3-QSFP-DD-8 and DX3-QSFP-DD-8 Installation Instructions
        • enlightenedMaybe not all Spirent TestCenter chassis/appliance Installation Instructions data sheets are listed above.
  • Check Temperature sensors readings (Under Tools - Equipment information - Diagnostics tab - Temperature section), in case it reports 0 for all of them, try the following:
1.    Do a graceful shutdown - FAQ17106 - Spirent TestCenter: How to gracefully shutdown Spirent TestCenter chassis?
2.    Try reseating the controller: FAQ19419 - Spirent TestCenter: How to reseat a chassis controller?
3.    In case you have another working chassis, try swapping controllers.

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