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Abacus:How to implement "Overlap" in T1 PRI using PCG card?


Protocol: T1 PRI

Hardware: PCG

Software: 6.22


Follow below steps to achieve this:

1. On the left side of the Protocol Development window, click on any line in the Called party number IE to select it, then select Delete|Information Element

2. Select Add|Information Element|Keypad

3. In the Keypad Type field, select Overlap

4. In the Keypad Interdigit T/O field, set the time to 0.5s

5. In the Protocol Selection|ISDN|Groups panel, set Nailed to Yes

6. In the Action Management window, create an action to Send Overlap: On the Send|Basic panel, select the Dial and Overlap radio buttons, add this action to your script.

Product : Abacus,T1/E1(TDM)