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GSS6300: GPIB (IEEE-488) What is a serial poll?


When using GPIB IEEE-488 to directly control (no application specific s/w running) these simulator types:

  • GSS6700 (single channel mode - like GSS6300)
  • GSS6560 (single channel mode - like GSS6300)
  • GSS6300M (single channel mode -like GSS6300)
  • GSS6300
  • GSS6100
  • GSS4200
  • GSS4100

A serial poll is possible; it is a function of the GPIB control software. 

  • A serial poll is a GPIB bus command
    • it is not a remote command
    • used to ascertain the current status of the simulator
    • a poll returns 8 bits
  • when using a script the simulator may not be ready to process the next command
    • in this case a serial poll should be performed
    • the poll should be continued until bit 2 (Poll Validity flag) is set to a 1
      • when the simulator is busy a 0 is returned
    • bit 1 set: the simulator is then ready to be polled
  • additional serial poll status bits are:
    • bit 7 set to 1 indicates an erroneous command has been received
      • reset this error condition (stop flashing health LED) by sending/querying with the "SERR ?" command
        • the "BITE" query gives additional information on the error
    • bit 3 set to 1 indicates a BITE error (Built In Test Equipment) and is often indicative of a hardware failure
    • bits 1 and 0 indicate 
      • 11 Armed (ready)
      • 10 Running
      • 00 Halted (idle)
    •  bits 4 ,5 and 6 not used

Product : General Navigation,Positioning,GSS4100,GSS4200,GSS6100,GSS6300,GSS6560,GSS6700,GSS6300M