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Spirent TestCenter: What is the EOAM Link type used for?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • EOAM CFM
    • Ethernet OAM Fault Management
  • The Devices has columns called incoming / outgoing links.
  • EOAM link is used to create an EOAM topology. 
    • If want to support something like MEP->MIP->MIP then the arrows would have to be EOAM links. 
    • If you use the MA/MEG wizard and set the “Number of MIPs per MEP” field you will see in the generated config the EOAM link.
  • In more technical details, the link will utilize the MAC from the generating device and that VLANs in front (towards the DUT) to send control plane traffic. 
    • This emulates a L2 topology so we can support Link Trace.  
    • We don’t use this for any other message types, but it does come into play for scaling within a MA/MEG.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,EOAM