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Studio Security: What is an instrumentation packet?

Platform Mu-4000 / 80x0
Version 6.x



An Instrumentation component is used during a test to verify Target responsiveness and reachability. Unlike mutated packets, instrumentation checks use valid packets with valid data to verify that the Target is able to handle normal, non-malicious, and non-mutated packets. If the Target fails to respond to an instrumentation check, the Mu system attempts to isolate the cause of the failure and identify a fault.

Each Instrumentation component can create valid packets for a specific protocol, such as DHCP or SIP. You specify the protocol when you configure the component, which also includes information about the protocol options and Mu version of the protocol. To get more information about protocols, review the protocol descriptions.

You can add Instrumentation to any Protocol Mutation, Scenario Mutation, Published Vulnerability, or DoS test.

Product : Studio Security