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Wireless 8100 AT&T VoLTE Call Reliability (VoLTE CR): TestManager reports "Handover Target RSTP Exceed Tolerance. Iteration Failed". What does this mean?


8100 RA - apply to all versions



We may see "Handover Target RSTP Exceed Tolerance. Iteration Failed" during VoLTE CR tests, what does this mean?

Target RSTP means handover target cell transmitting power when receive A4 event. We can also read this information from Test Manager Debug Event:

e.g. here UE handover from Cell2 to Cell1, so script decrease Cell2 power and increase Cell1 power. When Cell1 power ramps up to -81dBm, UE reports A4 event to network. So Target RSTP = -81 here.


Product : Wireless,LTE,LTE Test System