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Spirent TestCenter-Automation:How to create a Raw Stream Block with L2TP header using JAVA API's

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Automation - JAVA
  • PGA
  • L2TP

Below is the code required:

            // Create a stream block.
            System.out.println("Configuring stream block ...");
            String hStreamBlock = stc.Create("streamBlock", hPortTx);
            sm.put("insertSig", "true");
            sm.put("frameConfig", "");
            sm.put("frameLengthMode", "FIXED");
            sm.put("maxFrameLength", "1200");
            sm.put("FixedFrameLength", "256");
            stc.Config(hStreamBlock, sm);
            // Add an EthernetII Protocol Data Unit (PDU).
            System.out.println("Adding headers");
            String ethPDU = stc.Create("ethernet:EthernetII", hStreamBlock);
            sm.put("name", "sb1_eth");
            sm.put("srcMac", "00:00:20:00:00:00");
            sm.put("dstMac", "00:00:00:00:00:00");
            stc.Config(ethPDU, sm);
            //Create Vlan
            String vlans = stc.Create("vlans", ethPDU);
            String vlan = stc.Create("vlan",vlans);
            //Create l2CP header under streamblock
            String l2cp = stc.Create("l2tpv2:L2TPv2", hStreamBlock);

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