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Spirent Studio Security: what is Denial-of-Service (DoS)?


Platform: Mu 4000 / 80x0

Version : 6.5.x


A Denial-of-Service (DoS) test generates and sends thousands of identical packets to a specific Target. During the test, the Mu system charts response times from the Target host; after the test completes, the Mu system also attempts to verify the recovery capability of the host.

A DoS test contains the following components:

  • A DoS Protocol defines the protocol carried by the DoS packet. Available protocols include Layer-2, IP, UDP, and TCP-based protocols (uses TCP SYN packet).
  • A DoS Pattern defines the pattern in which the Mu system sends DoS packets to the Target host. Includes the start/end rate (packets per second), duration of test, number of iterations, and the pattern profile (ramp or step).
  • Instrumentation defines the method used to verify Target reachability and measure response times. Select any protocol supported by Mu Dynamics.

To create a DoS test, you configure the DoS Protocol, define the DoS Pattern, and select the Service Instrumentation you want use to verify Target response times during the test. You can also create DoS tests by importing a .pcap file.

Product : Studio Security