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Positioning Application and SimCHAN: Why is my Galileo CW power 3dB's more than the E1 CBOC open service code level power?

  • GSS6300
  • GSS6300M
  • GSS6700
  • The E1 B and C components are modulated by orthogonal PN codes.
    • Therefore the total E1 code power is the sum of the individual modulated components yielding a 3 dB gain in power relative to each component. 
  •  When the modulation is off, producing a CW signal the B and C components are now in-phase.
    • Therefore the voltage of the composite CW signal is twice that of the voltage of the individual components.
    • Yields a 6 dB gain in power relative to each component.


Product : SimCHAN,SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,SimGEN,PosApp,GSS6300,GSS6700,GSS6300M