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Attero: What basic information should be gathered when starting to investigate/report an Attero issue?

  • Calnex
    • Attero
    • Attero-X

Please provide the following basic pieces of information:

  • Connect to the Attero
    • then get screenshots of
      • Instrument(s) Menu -> Details
      • Instrument(s) Menu -> Instrument Personality
    • Save the configuration file (.cst)
      • Setup Menu -> Save
      • Note that a config does not automatically get saved. (power cycle will lose profile configurations)
    • Since an Attero configuration file can't be loaded on a dissimilar Attero describe each direction's
      • Impairments
      • Flow filters
  • Describe the test topology
  • Describe the traffic generator
    • If it's Spirent TestCenter, please provide the .tcc file
    • If it's Avalanche, please provide the .spf file
  • Describe or provide the results that show the impairment is not working as expected.

Product : Impairment,Attero,Attero