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Positioning Application: What does "cannot find hardware configuration 'xxxx'. Using the first line in the h/w configuration list which is 'yyyy'" mean?

  • Positioning Application (SimGEN,Replay,REPLAYplus)
  • Sig_gen.txt file not present or has changed
  • When PosApp first loads it searches for a sig_gen.txt file
    • The sig_gen.txt file contains information about the hardware to be used
  • If there is no sig_gen.txt file PosApp will use a default setting
  • PosApp stores this information in a file called 'spirent_posapp_user_settings.json'  (referred to as 'JSON file')
  • When PosApp is then loaded for a second time it searches the JSON file to see what the last known configuration was (i.e. what sig_gen.txt was used)
  • If you have change the sig_gen.txt, PosApp displays this information message to inform you that it can't find the previous sig_gen.txt, but it will instead use the new one
  • If the sig_gen.txt has not changed then this message will not be displayed

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimREPLAY,SimGEN,PosApp