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Spirent TestCenter: Why does the 2544 test show that all iterations "failed" but the Command Sequencer shows "PASSED"?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • all versions
    • RFC 2544 Throughput test shows that all iterations "Failed" 

    • Command Sequencer (CS) reports its status as PASSED.
  • In the 2544 results
         each iteration failed because there was frame loss in each one (i.e., [number of frames transmitted] – [number of frames received] > 0).
  • The Command Sequencer (CS) status tells us if all the commands it ran succeeded or not and is independent of actual test results.
    For example, let's consider a simple example with the “Learning: Verify ArpNd Status”
    • When the CS executes a command and it does not succeed the CS will report a status of “Paused”

    • If the user Stops the Command Sequencer at that time, then the Status would be FAILED/Idle

    • If on the other hand the user continues to run the Command Sequencer, it will have run all the commands and hence return the status of PASSED/Idle.  But it will show via the P/F “LED” which command failed, in this case the “Learning: Verify ArpNd Status”.


Product : Spirent TestCenter,RFC 2544