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Avalanche: How to configure PPTP test in Avalanche?

  • Avalanche
  • 4.48
  • Use the PPTP tab on the Client Actions tab to specify the client configuration and Server Profiles tab to specify the PPTP server configuration for Point to Point Protocol (PPP) to be tunneled through an IP network. PPTP does not specify any changes to the PPP protocol, but rather describes a new vehicle for carrying PPP. A client-server architecture is defined in order to decouple functions that exist in current Network Access Servers (NAS), and support Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).
  • In a one-arm test, Avalanche acts as the PPTP VPN client (namely, PNS in terms of RFC 2637). The devices to be tested could include a real PPTP server and firewall supporting PPTP VPN.
  • In a two-arm test, in addition to the PPTP VPN client, Avalanche also simulates the PPTP VPN server (namely, PAC in terms of RFC 2637). The device to be tested could be a firewall supporting PPTP VPN.
  • There are two parallel components of PPTP:
  1. A Control Connection between each PAC-PNS pair operating over TCP,
  2. An IP tunnel operating between the same PAC-PNS pair, which is used to transport GRE encapsulated PPP packets for user sessions between the pair.
  • The PPTP profile includes a Control Connection area and Data Tunnel area. Use the Control Connection area to configure parameters for the control connection component of PPTP, and the Data Tunnel area to configure parameters for the GRE data tunnel of PPTP.


Product : Avalanche,PPP