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iTest Avalanche: How to use Spirent Avalanche ans Spirent Avalanche Commander session profile in iTest?

  • Spirent iTest
  • Spirent Avalanche
  • Openfire server
  • To use Avalanche in iTest, firstly we should download install the Avalanche commander (Layer 4-7) which is available in CSC.
  • The detailed description on how to use Avalanche and Avalanche NTAF session profile in iTest can been seen in the attached demo videos
  • To view the videos, we should download and install the WebEx recorder which is available in the below link
  • Also attached the sample Avalanche test case, session profile and TCL file

Note: To use Spirent Avalanche commander session profile, first we should start the openfire server in a machine and specify the server details under the NTAF proxy and registry

Attachment Description
Avalanche GUI related files

Attachment Description
Avalanche NTAF related files

Product : iTest Enterprise