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Positioning Application: When using data logging, what is the difference between selecting the 'by channel' option and not selecting it?

  • PosApp
  • SimGEN
  • Data Logging Enabled
  • Selecting or deselecting 'By Channel' option
  • If you leave the 'by channel' option unchecked, you are referring to the Tx ID of a satellite (highlighted in blue in figure 1)
    • When doing this PosApp will Log data for this SV regardless of which Channel it is on
  • If you select the 'by channel' option, you are logging data corresponding to an SV on that channel.
    • In the example below you can see that selecting CHANNEL 3 means you are logging data for SV11 (highlighted in Red in Figure 1)
    • When doing this PosApp will Log the data for any SV that is on that channel
    • For example if SV11 moved out of view and SV21 is assigned to channel 3 in it's place, PosApp would then log data for SV21


Product : SimGEN,PosApp