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Avalanche: How to configure Maximum Segment Size (MSS) in Avalanche?

  •  Avalanche
  • In Client > Network tab, the maximum TCP segment size (in bytes) that you want the TCP stack to receive (data only, excluding the TCP header). Send segment size is determined by the communicating peer. The specified value must be between 6 and 9176 for IPv4, and between 6 and 9156 for IPv6. (The default MSS is 1460 for IPv4 and 1440 for IPv6.) This same description applies to Server > Network tab > MSS.
  • As per RFC 879, TCP provides an option that may be used at the time a connection is established (only) to indicate the maximum size TCP segment that can be accepted on that connection.  This Maximum Segment Size (MSS)   announcement (often mistakenly called a negotiation) is sent from the data receiver to the data sender and says "I can accept TCP segments up to size X". The size (X) may be larger or smaller than the default. The MSS can be used completely independently in each direction of data flow.  The result may be quite different maximum sizes in the two directions.


Product : Avalanche,TCP