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Landslide: How to interpret Message Lost counters when packet discard feature is enabled and ICMP DMF is used?

  • Landslide
  • Data Traffic
    • DMF: ICMP
    • Packet Discard, Client Side
      •  Input and Output discards.
  • Counters
    • L5-7 Server: Host Basic Data message Lost
    • L5-7 Client:  Basic Data message Lost

According to the configuration:

  1. Outbound packet discard at the client side will drop ICMP requests.
  2. Inbound packet discard at the client side will drop ICMP responses.

So in “L5-7 client” side It'll be possible to see the number of packets dropped by Landslide (in two directions), in “L5-7 Server” side it will be reported the number of ICMP request lost in server side. If Customer takes a trace, it will see all the ICMP request paired with their responses(if there is no loss in the link but the error injection from Landslide). The server knows when there was a packet lost because all ICMP request packets have a sequence number, when the server detects a gap in that sequence, it will increment the number of packet lost (Wireshark also would mark those packets).


Product : Landslide,Landslide Client,Landslide