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C50r Controller: How do I update the Disk Image on my C50r Host Controller?

  • Disk Image update patches are currently only available direct from Global Services - if you have not been directed to install a Disk Image update patch by Spirent, please disregard this instruction until such a time that update patches are available on general release
  • Update procedure
  1. Navigate to D:\posapp\conf
  2. Copy the unzipped files (c50_upgrade_<version>.tgz and into the above location
  3. Shutdown the C50r controller
  4. Power on the C50r and navigate to the 'conf' folder again
    • Note that the two files are no longer visible
    • This action installs the patches
  5. Shutdown the C50r controller again
  6. Power on the C50r
    • This action runs the new files
    • Your system is now updated


Product : Positioning,PosApp,C50r