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Attero: General information on the virtual product.

  •  Attero-V (Attero Virtual)
  • The Attero-V application and images can be downloaded from the Spirent CSC website.
    • After the VM is created go to the Attero console and setup the IP address, gateway, and subnet mask.
      • Also set the MAC addresses of the vSwitches to the test ports.
      • STATUS will show the IP address and port number of the unit if the probe is able to start up
      • Don't forget the address of the license server starts with an @ sign. Example: @
  • Attero-V uses the same licensing mechanism as STCv
    • A Virtual license controller is required.
    • The flex-id of the license controller is needed to create a license.
    • The Attero-V license goes into the same location as the STCv port license.
  • Throughput and accuracy are dependent on the pool of resources of the underlying PC hardware.
    • An idea of what you might achieve…..
      • If you want to filter a stream of traffic and apply only delay, then it’s possible you may achieve 500ms delay (with 1ms accuracy) at a low bandwidth utilization (say 100Mb/s) for packets of 512Byte size.  
      • If you want to do more filtering, add more delay or other impairments, work at a higher bandwidth or pass smaller packet sizes then the throughput achievable will reduce.  
      • Note that this is just an indication of what you may achieve, but it will depend on your application and the hypervisor/PC performance/configuration etc.
  • Installing the Attero application on the PC will automatically indicate a Visual C++ install.
    • Note that this is a 32 bit library. It will not work with a 64 bit library.

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