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Spirent TestCenter: How do I configure the data plane in a back-to-back L2TP configuration?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • PPPoL2TP emulation
  • Topology

         +-----------+                   +-----------+ 
         |  STC LAC  |\24   |  STC LNS  | 
         | and PPPoX +-------------------+ and PPPoX |
         |   client  | .3             .1 |   server  | 
         +-----------+                   +-----------+ 


Please refer to the above topology diagram and attached zip containing the configuration file and resultant pcaps.

To run the test

  • After relocating the ports
  • On the All Devices grid
    • select the "Server" device block and click the "Start Device" button
    • select the "Client" device block and click the "Start Device" button
  • Click "Apply" (this will push the newly acquired addresses down to the FW)
  • After the devices reach the "Connected" state go to "All Streamblocks"
    • select both device blocks, right click and select "ARP/ND" -> "Start ARP/ND"
    • after the "All attempted Arps resolved successfully" is logged, start traffic
Attachment Description
Spirent TestCenter 4.61 back-to-back L2TP configuration file and resultant pcaps

Product : Access,Spirent TestCenter,PPPoX,L2TP