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Spirent iTest: What are the Spirent TestCenter native API commands to reset the module?

  • Spirent iTest.
  • Spirent TestCenter.
  • Below are the STC native API commands to reset the module by using port group handles:
    set chassisHandle [stc::get system1 -children-PhysicalChassisManager]
    set phyHnd [stc::get $chassisHandle -children-physicalchassis]
    set phyTestHnd [stc::get $phyHnd -children-PhysicalTestModule]
    set pgHnd [stc::get $phyTestHnd -children-PhysicalPortGroup]
    stc::perform RebootEquipmentCommand -equipmentlist $pgHnd
  • If we have multiple physical test modules, then we need to use the lindex command to get the particular test module which we want.
  • Below are the example tcl commands:
    % set phyTestHnd [stc::get $phyHnd -children-PhysicalTestModule]
    physicaltestmodule1 physicaltestmodule2 physicaltestmodule3 physicaltestmodule4 physicaltestmodule5
    % set modulehnd1 [lindex $phyTestHnd 0]
    % set pgHnd [stc::get $modulehnd1 -children-PhysicalPortGroup]

Product : API,iTest Enterprise