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Spirent TestCenter-Automation:How to start only IPv6 or Ipv4 block for Dual Stack PPPOx device?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Automation-API
  • PPPox
Below is the API. 

% stc::perform PppoxConnectCommand -ipcpmode ipv6 -BlockList pppoeclientblockconfig1
-parent system1 -Name {PPPoX: Connect Sessions 1} -SeqType SEQUENTIAL -ControlType UNDEFINED -IpCpMo
de IPV6 -BlockList pppoeclientblockconfig1 -State COMPLETED -Status {} -StartTime 1458194468.26417 -
EndTime 1458194480.02062 -ElapsedTime 11756 -ProgressDisplayCounter true -ProgressStepsCount 1 -Prog
ressCurrentStep 1 -ProgressCurrentStepName {} -ProgressMaxValue 0 -ProgressCurrentValue 0 -ProgressC
ancelled false -Active true

IF we have to start the IPv4, the ipcpmode should be set to ipv4.

Product : Automation,API,Spirent TestCenter,PPPoX