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Positioning Application: How can I apply Nav Data mods/errors to the BeiDou constellation?

  • PosApp
  • GSS6700
  • GSS8000 series
  • GSS9000 series
  • BeiDou
  • This feature was added is PosApp version 4.04
    • PosApp v4.04 requires Windows 7
    • Purchase of BeiDou option required
  1. Open PosApp
  2. Add BeiDou to the 'Signal Types' menu
  3. Edit the BeiDou 'Signal Sources' file
  4. Apply required changes to the 'Navigation data errors' and/or the 'Navigation data modifications' menu(s)
Note: the start time and stop time refer to the start time of the subframe. That is, if a subframe is set to start at t = x, any mods/errors commands for which start_time <= x < stop_time will be actioned.

Product : Positioning,SimGEN,PosApp,Navigation Data,BeiDou