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TTworkbench: How to compile a TTCN-3 project

TTworkbench 32/64 Bit Windows/Linux
To compile your TTCN-3 source, double click on the .ttcn3 file (module) to open it in the TTworkbench core language editor and click in the source code. Afterward, the Validate, Build and Rebuild buttons are active.
  • Validate:    Check the correctness of the code
  • Build:          Validate + Compile the modules without jar files
  • Rebuild:     Validate + Compile the modules anyway
Note: You should start Rebuild from a main module, which is typically a root of the tree structure of your project. If no main module is defined, you can just add a new module and import all required modules.

The users guide has a section that describes the compilation steps.

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