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TTworkbench: How to call a module parameter in Test Adapter(TA)?

TTworkbench 32/64 Bit Windows/Linux
It is not possible to call the module parameters directly in Test Adapter(TA), they must be linked to the Test Adapter Parameters, which will be called in the TA.

More details can be found in TTworkbench Help > Help Contents > Spirent TTworkbench User's Guide > How to develop a Test Adapter.

As example, you can use the TTworkbench built-in example AddressBookMessageBased with particular focus on the  xml file tt3plugins\AddressBookMsgRuntime\TT3plugin.xml and the java class com.testingtech.ttcn.tri.AddressBookMsgPortPlugin.


Product : TTplugins,Misc,TTCN-3 Language