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TTworkbench: Why are the TTCN-3 files marked as 'read only' in the Core Language Editor?

TTworkbench 32/64 Bit, Microsoft Windows/Linux
The TTCN-3 file is opened with the Core Language Viewer. To use the TTCN-3 Core Language Editor:
Right click on the TTCN-3 file > open with >  TTCN-3 Core Language Editor.

Please check the CL Editor setting afterward: Window menu > Preferences ...> TTCN-3 > CLEditor > Set "Use TTCN-3 Viewer instead of TTCN-3 Editor" to "Never".

The CL Editor is not available in the TTworkbench Express. This version includes only the CL Viewer.

Product : License Issues,TTCN-3 Language