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Spirent iTest: Is it possible to retrieve a deleted file from a Workspace?

  • Spirent iTest
  • In order to retrieve a previous/deleted version of a file in an iTest project workspace, one can use the "Local History".
  • The Local History keeps track of files in the workspace for a specified duration of time. After this duration, the new version replaces it in history-memory.
  • Hence, retrieval of the previous version of the file depends on the last available versions within the Local History.
  • Steps to retrieve the previous version of a file are as follows:
    1. Right click the project container/file container in the Project Explorer view. Select the pop-up menu item "Restore from Local History".
    2. In the dialog for "Restore from Local History", select the required version of the file you wish to retrieve. The file can be previewed in xml format along with date-stamps.
    3. Click "Restore".
  • Additionally, you can increase the duration for which to retain the Workspace files (Local History) in the Preferences options.
    • Go to Windows --> Preferences --> General --> Workspace --> Local History
  • Attached are screenshots to show the various menus/options to follow for restoring the files.
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Restore from Local History popup and dialog box screenshots

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest