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Spirent TestCenter: What is the difference between "saving the results" vs. "exporting to file"

  • From the GUI menu a File->Save Results
    • This will create a db file which will have all of the GUI results counters in which you can analyze. 
    • It uses our Results Reporter to display the views and counters.
      • These table of counters can also be exported to other formats such as pdf, html, excel or csv.
      • A graph can also be exported to csv.
  • There is also the capability to directly from the GUI, "Export Results to a File"
    • This allows a user (while viewing one of the results) to export either a single tab from that particular view or export all the tabs.
    • The only format for this is csv
    • For this feature, it is not possible to export a graph directly from the GUI. (use Results Reporter.)

Product : Spirent TestCenter