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STCLIVE Probe: How do we connect to the qscopes locally using the usb converter cable to the async port?

  • STCLIVE Probe
  • 7521, 7522, 7531
1- First Plug the cable into your laptop. You should see the device being recognized by device manager. If the PC does not report that the new hardware is ready for use, driver can be downloaded from the following link. Click on Support tab and download driver as needed.:
In the event that the link above becomes invalid after the publication of this document, search the site for part number ICUSB232PRO.
2 - Plug the other end into the test module unit.
3-  Go to device manager and see what port the device was assigned to. Note this COMM Port. It should say USB Serial port COMX.

4- Using Putty open putty and select the serial option on top. 

5- Type in COMX in the serial box and 9600 for speed and select Open.
6- After connection using putty, hit enter and putty should show a prompt that you are connected to the unit.

Product : VW Controller T&D Classic,VisionWorks Probe