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Spirent TestCenter: How Group Subscriptions with Zero Rx Frames is determined in the RFC 3918 Multicast Group Capacity test?

  • RFC-3918 Group Capacity test
  • Multiple Egress Ports
  • The column called "Group Subscriptions with Zero Rx Frames" is determined by the number of Egress  ports multiplied by the Attempted Multicast Groups.
  • Thus you could see the Group Subscriptions with Zero Rx Frames to be much greater than the Attempted number of groups.
  • To check which Rx port and Group was not received:
    • Go to the results under RFC 3918 Results -> Multicast Results by Rx Port and Group
      • You can see which receive port did not receive a specific group.
    • Although if the test was large with many Rx ports and many multicast groups it will take a long time for the results to show up.
      • A faster PC with sufficient resources may help improve this issue.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,MCAST,RFC 3918