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Spirent Temeva: Does Traffic Center or Methodology Center support Random Size Packets and PRBS bit errors or PRBS payload?

  • Spirent Temeva
    • Traffic Center
    • Methodology Center
    • PRBS
  • Currently not at this time.
    • SR-01247889 and SR-01247890 were opened back in 2017 for this to be implemented.
  • Still in November 2021 this is not available
    • In November 2021 the following Idea! was raised: TMV2-I-25 
      • enlightenedThe link for the idea above will work only to Spirent Employees, for a customer to access it and vote for the idea, the way to go is through CSC portal > Applications, where you will see a “Spirent Ideas” section where you can try looking for TMV2-I-25 idea, that way you can check the idea and vote.

Product : TrafficCenter,MethodologyCenter