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Spirent TestCenter: GUI loses connection to chassis after some time.

  • Below is some information from the logs.
  • When the issue occurs we have all sorts of connection issues. Here is just an example:
    • 17/11/07 12:11:02.522 INFO  112      - fmwk.bll.base.cmd    - Command.16836(LostConnectionHandler) state: Started in background
    • 17/11/07 12:11:02.522 INFO  5112     - fmwk.bll.base.cmd    - Command.16836(LostConnectionHandler) state: Running
    • 17/11/07 12:11:02.522 INFO  2452     - fmwk.bll.core.equip  - Lost connection to msgr( test module 1 port group 3) generating lost connection fault response for msg(Analyzer_2.UpdateStatsAndDoSQL) seq(48054)
    • 17/11/07 12:11:02.522 ERROR 2452     - fmwk.bll.core.rpc    - Rcvd error response: seq48054 msgr port // req Analyzer_2.UpdateStatsAndDoSQL code 9999 faultMsg Lost connection to test module 1 port group 3
  • The TestCenter then looks at the Windows PC event logs.
    • 17/11/07 12:11:02.538 INFO  2452     - fmwk.bll.core.utils  - Displaying contents of windows Application event log...
    • 17/11/07 12:11:02.757 ERROR 2452     - fmwk.bll.core.utils  - System Event: level = WARN, source = e1dexpress, date = Tue Nov 07 12:10:52 2017 message = Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-LM
    • Network link is disconnected.
  • We can see in the windows PC event logs that there was some ethernet connection issue and network link disconnected.
  • It was found that the PC had a sleep time and if no activity the network link is dropped.
  • It doesn’t say the PC went to sleep but if the network link goes down then the TestCenter GUI will lose connection and the GUI will give a message and close down.
  • After disabling sleep on the PC, the connection became stable.

Additional comments: If issue different from above but similar GUI loses connection or freezes.
  • Always check the logs. 
  • Test with another PC.
  • Test with PC that is NOT a Virtual Machine.
  • Disable Windows Update.
  • Using a Lab Server may help.
  • Optimize for Long Term Test

Product : Windows GUI