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Spirent TestCenter: How to know which of the modules are supported in which Spirent chassis?

  • Spirent Test Modules
  • Mainframe and Portable Chassis
  • All chassis and test modules except those that are obsolete.
  • Slot Card Carrier Adapter
  • Card carrier
  • Dual-Slot Card Carrier
  • Single-Slot Card Carrier
  • ACC-2018A
  • ACC-2017A
  • Is this module supported ?
The information you can get directly from our CSC is the following:
The table that describes which of the modules covered in this product alert are supported in which Spirent chassis. It also details any limitations. The table covers only chassis currently in production.
The document also describes which adapters are needed in which test module (in case they are needed)

You can find this information on the downloads site under Spirent TestCenter - Applications - Filter by release - Product Alerts


Product : Spirent TestCenter,Hardware Module,Chassis,Chassis