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Spirent TestCenter: How to troubleshoot Licenses issues?

  • Spirent TestCenter application
  • License issues
  • When having issues with license file, try doing the following:
  1. Go to Tools - License Management - All Features, and:
    1. Validate the current license is there, if so, you should see your chassis IP address and a drop-down menu where all the features your license includes, as shown below:

  1. From there you can also validate the version and expiration
    • enlightenedNOTE: INCREMENT SUPPORT_ENTITLEMENT license overwrites ALL other licenses' expiration date.
  1. Make sure to keep only the latest license installed on the chassis, this is, remove expired and old licenses, usually expired licenses could cause some  issues
    1. Make sure you have the latest/valid .lic file saved locally.
    2. Select the chassis IP address and click on "Delete"
    3. Then install the latest/valid .lic file as per indications under: FAQ12717 - Spirent TestCenter : How do I backup and install a license in Spirent TestCenter chassis?
  • If the error you're trying to troubleshoot is related to a license required for an specific feature:
    • You can validate that a specific feature is included within your license on this same window
      • You may want to take a look at the following KB that could help: SOL14029 - Spirent TestCenter: How Do I know if a feature requires a License? and If so, What license is needed?
    • If not included, you should reach Spirent Support to validate if this is an actual issue (feature not listed by an error) or feature isn't included within your License Purchased
  • If no license is found (You get a blank screen under All Features TAB) you must reach Spirent Support to get assistance and get the license regenerated.
  1. You can always try to back up the current file by selecting the IP address and click UPLOAD, and saving it locally. Then reload the GUI and Install the same file again.
  1. If using Spirent TestCenter Virtual and hence a License Server (a.k.a. Virtual Controller):
    1. Make sure no older/expired licenses are installed on the License Server, if so, manually delete all other licenses and keep just the valid/current ones and reboot the License Server
      1. You can manually delete old licenses using SMB or SFTP/SCP, as per the QSG (Quick Start Guide):  Spirent Virtual Controller – VM (USB Dongle or UUID versions) Quick Start Guide
    2. Validate that after the new license installation, you issued “activate” and then “reboot”

Product : Spirent TestCenter,License Issues