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Positioning Application: What changed in the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS)?

 Last year, an EGNOS service notice (Number: 015, Revision: 1.2) was sent out to all EGNOS users to inform them about the EGNOS Space Segment Update.
  • On 20th of March 2017, the GEO satellite ASTRA-5B (PRN 123) was declared operational and now broadcasts the operational Signal In Space (SIS).
  • On 21st of March 2017, the GEO satellite SES-5 (PRN 136) became part of the EGNOS Test Platform transmitting the Test Signal In Space (SIS).
Therefore, during that 18 hour transition period, from the entry of PRN 123 (around 16h CET) into the operational platform until the entry of PRN 136 (around 10h CET) in the TEST platform, 3 EGNOS GEO satellites were operational. Table 1 summarizes the EGNOS GEO Space Segment as it is formed from 21st of March 2017 onwards. 
Table 1: EGNOS GEO Segment
The changes took place without any interruption of the service or degradation in EGNOS performance. Moreover, the SoL service was functional at all times and locations (within the EGNOS coverage area). 

However, EGNOS OS users equipped with non (E)TSO certified SBAS receivers needed to reassess their equipment configuration to make sure that both operational GEO satellites were used.

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