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Spirent TestCenter: How to get a single window summary of per streamblock and per port stats?

Customer was interested to know if there is a way the can get per port and per streamblock stats in a single output using Spirent supported method, GUI or API.
  1. You can always use scripting to subscribe to your results.db file
  2. You are always able to create a Dynamic Results View on this way:
  • Note: DRV (Dynamic Results View) is not meant for large number of streams.

Below are some snap shots of the view
Expanding the aggregated streams will show the Rx port and the counters.

You can save a DRV as XML an then import it into your GUI

Refer to the following KB article:
FAQ14302 - Spirent TestCenter: How do I Create and View Dynamics Results View (DRV)?

Product : Automation,Spirent TestCenter,Results Reporter