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TTworkbench: when generating new codec in TTworkbench, my old manually written Java codec is not compilable?

TTworkbench from 25
The compilation/codec generation fails with unrecognised TabularCodec.UInt4_32.
The codec generator was extended to support case sensitivity of TTCN-3 data type naming to distinguish the seemingly same names with different upper/lower cases. An integer postfix is attached to the type name with the bit presentation of the upper/lower cases of the letters. In case the manually written Java source uses such generated codec (type name), the old classes can't be found.

An additional option is added in TTworkbench 25 since 1.10.2018.
Project > Properties > TTCN-3 > TTplugins > Codec generator, Enable project specific settings
activate Do not generate codec case sensitive.

Product : TTworkbench