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Landslide: Why I don’t see ePCO IE in attach request with ePCO configured on GUI

Landslide Version:
Question: Why Landslide is not including ePCO IE in 4G Attach Request even the check box is on
Support Extended PCO is available in MME nodal test case on S1-MME -> NAS tab when NAS version is >= 13.6.1. Select it to support Extended PCO (Protocol Configuration Options).

Checking “Support extended PCO” means UE is able to support extend PCO and will have the bit set, to have the PCO IE in the attach request, we have to configure any of the PCO on GUI.

For capacity test, LS MME nodal will emulate UE attach to the network for the very first time. PCO (not ePCO)will be included in the Attach request because UE doesn’t know whether network support extended PCO or not, but after LS received extended PCO supported indication from network, LS will include ePCO in the following messages.
So LS include PCO in attach request, but after it get extended PCO supported in Attach Accept from MME, LS includes ePCO in the attach complete message.
For session loading test, LS will include ePCO in attach request for the second and later on attach requests. That’s because UE knows network support ePCO in the first attach procedure and remember it.

Product : Landslide Client