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TTworkbench: How to solve the issue "License invalid, please contact support for further assistance."

TTworkbench 32/64 Bit, Microsoft Windows/Linux
If you receive such an error when opening TTworkbench:
"License location: license.lic
License invalid, please contact support for further assistance.
Your TTworkbench maintenance status is invalid. Please contact Please mention "ttworkbench" in the subject line to make sure your request will be processed as soon as possible."

check the following:

1. Go to the installation folder of TTwworkbench and open with an editor the file license.lic.
2. a) If the license is expired, address to your manager in order to renew TTworkbench Support and Maintenance 
b) If the license is valid, it means that the connection to the license server was interrupted and you have to do the following:
3. a)Close the license server application
    b)Close TTworkbench on your computer and all the TTworkbench instances which connect to the same license server
    c)Check in the Task Manager or in the process list if there is any remaining java process and if so, kill it.
4. Start the license server
5. Start TTworkbench > press the button Install New License >License File >Browse >Select the license.lic, found in TTworkbench installation folder
6. TTworkbench will restart by itself and the error will disappear.

Product : License Issues