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Spirent iTest: How to configure STC session with iTEST?

Spirent iTest
Spirent Test Center Application
  • iTest installed on supported OS (check iTest Installation Guide)
  • Verify the compatibility matrix with Spirent Test Center app (in iTest Installation Guide). For example iTest 7.2.0 is compatible with these STC versions:
  • Spirent TestCenter 4.90, 4.85
  • Spirent TestCenter REST 4.90, 4.85
  • Download one of the compatible STC versions and install it
  • Download the corresponding TCL tool. On CSC page, filter the search for the desired version of STC and select ‘Tools’ from categories:
After installing the above, open iTest and follow these steps to setup the TCL interpreter for the STC session:
  • Go to iTest  Window >Preferences>Spirent
  • Under this tree you need to modify 2 items:
  •  Session Types > Spirent TestCenter > Interpreter > Auto-select
  • Tcl interpreter > Use specified Tcl interpreter: enter the location of the TCL exe  installed from the STC application.
     It should be something like ..\Spirent TestCenter x.xx\TCL\bin\tclsh85.exe

Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest