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Velocity: Which ports are being used by Velo/ITE/agent for communication?

Spirent Velocity & iTE
These ports need to be open in firewall:
VM Port Service
Common 80 Web redirection to https port
Common 443 Primary https web access
Common 199 SMUX used by SNMPd
Common 67 Bootp/DHCP client/responses
Common 53 DNS client only
Common 1900/UDP SSDP service discovery/announcement
Common 1980 SSDP service discovery/announcement
Common 123/UDP NTP client
Common 22 SSH

VM Port Service
VDS 69 TFTP server
VDS 80 configure api
VDS 111 NFS portmap/rpc client/server for auto backup
VDS 199 SMUX used by SNMPd
VDS 443 configure api
VDS 9092 Kafka Broker (plaintext)
VDS 9093 Kafka Broker (SSL)
VDS 5432 PostgreSQL
VDS 2157 RPC statd for nfs client
VDS 2181 ZooKeeper
VDS 5601 Authenticated proxy to Kibana
VDS 8000 Burrow - authenticated proxy
VDS 8001 Burrow
VDS 3306 MySQL
VDS 5432 PostgreSQL
VDS 27017 Mongo
VDS 9000 Minio
VDS 9999 Java RMI for Kafka
VDS 9090 Openfire
VDS 9200 ElasticSearch
VDS 5601 Kibana
VDS 2514 LogStash Input Feed
VDS 2515 LogStash Input Feed
VDS 2516 LogStash Input Feed
VDS 9000 Minio
VDS 636 OpenLDAP
VM Port Service
Velocity 80 configure api
Velocity 199 SMUX used by SNMPd
Velocity 443 configure api/api access
Velocity 8085 Authentication Service
Velocity 8081 Reporting Service
Velocity 8083 Repository Service
Velocity 8084 Execution Service
Velocity 9000 Agent connections - server port
Velocity 9080 Non-SSL access to jboss management - appears to be access restricted, but I think should be locked down to localhost
Velocity 9990 JBoss HTTP Management - is access restricted, but I think should be locked down to localhost
Velocity 27000 FlexLM License Server

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