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Spirent TestCenter: How do we get a new speed license?

Some cards now required a speed license. If the test module does not have the license, when you try to change speed, you will get an error.

Upgrading to new firmware version will not cause the speed license to be deleted. The speed license is programmed to the Test Module and not the controller.
If the speed license is accidentally deleted using the STC GUI, you have to get the test module serial number for Support to generate the license file then you will have to install it into the module. The file is a *.json file.

Customers must purchase various speed licenses in order to have this feature. Support will check the PO if customers have purchased this feature or not based on module serial number. 

Contact Spirent Support at 1-800-SPIRENT,, or open a case via the CSC site at 


Product : Windows GUI,HX,MX2,DX2,FX2,FX,CX,Chassis,High Speed Ethernet